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Art Walk Details

Art drop-off was Tuesday, August 29th. Thank you to all the artists that are participating!

  • Submissions was June 15 - August 15. Registration is closed.

  • Suggested 2023 theme this year was "Allusions" (not strictly adhered to).

  • Artists, grade 10 to adult, are welcome.

  • Sum of length + width of artwork not to exceed 42”. 
    (Please remember, art needs to fit in business windows. We have limited space for larger pieces of art.)

  • All 2-dimensional media except photography.

  • Framing is not required for most canvases, but framing should be considered for works on paper or pieces that cannot sit on an easel. All art must be wired for hanging.
    (Large artwork under glass is fragile. Although we are super careful, the DRAW Committee assumes no responsibility for damage.)

  • Should the number of artworks exceed venue space, artwork choice, especially but not limited to multiple entries from individual artists, is left to the discretion of the Committee. However, you may indicate your preferred entry by having it be the first artwork title on the Registration Form.
    Priority will be given to local artists.

  • The Committee reserves the right to reject any artwork deemed inappropriate by committee members.

  • Drop -off: Tues, Aug. 29 @ Pleasant St. Center  4 - 6 PM.

  • All artwork will be part of the Downtown Reading Art Walk to be held in September of 2023.

  • No artwork can be removed before end date of exhibit. Artists will be notified by email regarding the pick-up location, date and time. Art remaining 30 days after this date will become the property of the DRAW Committee.

  • Neither the Committee nor any of the venues will be involved in selling of art. Potential buyers can contact the artists directly.

  • Paintings will be digitized for preservation with the intent of being published.

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