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Reading Town Hall Exhibit 3 to come soon
Featuring local artists. Enjoy the art below from 2023.

Clark_Ruth - Minuteman Bike Path_edited.jpg
Cook_Beverly - Wolf_edited.jpg
Colford_Dawn_Crocus Collage.jpg
Clark_Ruth-Diptych Imaginary Blacksmith with Locals J.Cain _ E_edited.jpg
Colford_Dawn - My Mother_s Lilacs_edited.jpg
Lynne Cassinari Tiger Lilies.jpg
Clark_Ruth - Above Franconia Falls.jpeg
McFarlane_Susan - Island Dream_edited.jpg
Jolly-Kay_Joanne - Taos_edited.jpg
Ropple_Amy - River Flowers_edited.jpg
Kelly_Mary - Garden at Taft Farm_edited.jpg

(1) Ruth  Clark -"Minuteman Bike Path"  (2) Beverly Cook -"Wolf " (3) Dawn Colford -"Crocus Collage"  (4) Amy Ropple -"River Flowers"  (5) Ruth Clark -"Above Franconia Falls"  {6) Lynne Cassinari -"Tiger Lilies"  (7) Susan McFarland -"Island Dream" (8) Mary Kelly -"Garden at Taft Farm"  (9) Ruth Clark -"Diptych Imaginary Blacksmith with Locals J. Cain"  (10) Dawn Colford -"My Mother's Lilacs"  (11) Joanne Jolly-Kay -"Taos"

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