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 About the Art Walk Committee


Eileen Barrett

Creating art is a form of meditation to me, bringing a deep sense of peace and contentment. I started painting with acrylics in 2013; although, I have been drawing since childhood. I like to explore different techniques and painting styles. Mainly a studio painter, my plein air attempts with acrylics were not that successful, but it was such an enjoyable experience that I intend to keep trying.
I have been with the Art Walk since its inception in 2019 as Paint the Town. It is an honor to continue working on this now annual tradition and bring to the community the artwork of so many talented artists.


Karin Samatis

As a concept artist in advertising and design for many years, it took a while for me to find my artist voice as a fine artist. That is when I decided to start painting unusual objects and settings, from the colorful fruits and veggies from farmer's markets, the food my daughter a chef has prepared or my morning coffee in those tranquil settings as I travel. Sometimes taking all the fun of my whimsical illustration background into some of my more unusual paintings.

Presently besides my love of painting, my day job as a sign artist for one the local Trader Joe's where my traditional illustration and concept art background flows easily into the traditional branding of the original sign art that is the trademark of all Trader Joe's stores.

Visit my website at

Alissa Onigman

After the excitement from the 2020 Art Walk and displaying my mosaics in the Reading Eye Associates window, I joined the DRAW Committee. I do mosaics as a hobby and a break from my day job of being a CFO for a Cambridge startup. My inspiration comes from nature, in particular the seashore, and flower gardens. I also love to make mosaic gifts for my family, especially mirrors. 

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